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Building A Home

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While you're acquiring your lot, which we'll be glad to help you do; you'll meet with us to continue the planning of your new home.

1. One of the first things we'll do is to discuss your desired plan. Once your desires are clearly indicated, we will have preliminary plans drawn by our on-staff draftsman for your approval.

We will then meet with you to review the preliminary house plans and develop information for detailed specifications. If the house plans meet your approval, then we'll redraft the final house plans with your changes.

After final house plans are completed; we will determine your total home cost and prepare our standard construction agreement, including detailed specifications for you.

2. Since this agreement provides the legal basis for our relationship, it should be carefully studied prior to approval. Any matters which are unclear or confusing to you should be resolved.

3. During this process, we can assist you in obtaining the best possible financing for your particular circumstances.

4. Upon approval of your loan and completion of any final last minute changes, we apply to the local building department for a building permit. The usual processing time for this final administrative task is about a week.

5. During this time, we are organizing for actual construction by having your lot surveyed, conducting soil tests if applicable, and purchasing custom materials for your home, such as trusses, roofing, and windows.