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Award Winning Homeshows

Call David now for special pricing on 2012 Home Show house, always upgrades and deals from suppliersAllen and David Schuler have participated in a variety of Homeshows over the years. Many of these homes have been recognized as "Award Winners" for various categories ranging from design, decoration and other factors. Here are just a few of those homes.

Homeshow 2012 - Hawthorne Glen, Clark County, Indiana
Homeshow 2011 - Copperfield, Georgetown, Indiana
Homeshow 2010 - Copperfield, Georgetown, Indiana
Homeshow 2006 - Crystal Springs, Clark County, Indiana
Homeshow 2005 - Westridge Forest, Floyd County, Indiana
Homeshow 2004 – Woods of Lafayette, Floyd County, Indiana
Homeshow 2003 – Heritage Place , Clark County , Indiana
Homeshow 2001 – Whispering Oaks, Clark County, Indiana