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Building A Home

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“Customizing” your home will be real fun! We have a full-time decorator on-staff, free of charge. Our decorator will assist you in making your home
unique by coordinating our wide selection of colors and styles of materials.

With respect to your home’s exterior, you will select:

  1. Brick, stone and mortar color
  2. Gutter and paint colors
  3. Roofing color
  4. Window color

With respect to interior finishes, you can select:

  1. The color of your baths’ ceramic tile.
  2. Interior wall and trim paint colors.
  3. Appliances and colors.
  4. Colors of plumbing fixtures.
  5. Color of any granite.
  6. Lighting, Cabinets and Carpet

Additionally, your agreement provides “allowances” for flooring, light fixtures, cabinets and counter tops, and landscaping.You may select these items from samples available at our offices or at our suppliers.

A creekstone fireplace is always inviting, especially on those cold winter nights.